Special Class Days For You!

We know that Sundays don't work for everybody. We know that Saturdays can be a problem too. It IS possible that we can accommodate your schedule! Using the adjacent form, please let us know which days of the week work best for you to take a class, and we will work to make that happen for you.

We will come to you!

We have training methods to fit every budget and often, we conduct in-person training classes. If you have 10 or more individuals that would like to become certified, we will come to you and do the training in-house!

Our online training is very cost effective as there are no travel expenses incurred for anyone! The online classes are conducted by a Master Trainer and are highly interactive.

Course Registration includes SLA Membership

We encourage you to register as a member prior to taking your course, and we will credit your membership fee towards your course!

All of our courses include access to the SLA Membership site:

  • Access to Tools, Resources, and Webinars
  • Access to your Strength-Based Soft Skills Assessment
  • Access to your Core Values Assessment
  • Access to the Corporate Team-Builder System
  • Access to Webinar Presentations by Experts and Community Members.
  • Access to our Career Development System including tips on how to advance your professional development.

Become a SLA Member, and you receive total access to our Career Development System. Watch this video to learn more.

Submit Your Preferred Class Days

Simply tell us the days of the week that work for you to take our courses and we will contact you as soon as we have a class that meets your required days. If you have a really unusual schedule, please be specific with the dates.

The HRA and CPN courses are taught in 2 hour segments over 4 weeks

The CPC course is taught over 4 days - 4 hours a day OR over 2 days - 8 hours a day. This immersion into coaching is most effective if taken on consecutive days.

The CPL course begins with 3 days in person, followed by

  • Four weeks online learning;
  • an 8 hour applied-project management course from 9 to 5pm PST;
  • followed by a four week applied-practicum, portfolio submission, and examination.